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In Bone, you play a version of yourself with your friends.” The visual appeal of the game is also not: compar to the “clumsy polygons” in the virtual world of. Meta, Bone’s avatars are quite tail and bubble-like. “I don’t think Bone would have been as successful if the avatars look. Like styliz pixels in Roblox and Minecraft,” says Tan. “This style is suitable for a mass audience.” NFTs and possible data leaks. The game first fac criticism when its veloper Metadream tri to introduce. Web3-specific metauniverse elements into it. It all start on January 21, when screenshots of. Bone’s privacy policy appear on Twitter.

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It stat that users will be able to purchase B-Beans, an in-game currency that can be spent on NFT products within the app. The policy has now been it, but the original version is preserv in the Web Archive. Some users said they would Bahamas Phone Number List stop using Bone, with one calling the app another “cryptocurrency pyramid scheme, just like Axie Infinity.” Such behavior can be seen as “collective trauma,” says So Wang Wei, founr of Ikigui, a consulting company for organizations interest in the metaverse. According to him, after the collapse of the industry in 2022, people will feel an aversion to everything relat to cryptocurrencies.

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About a week later, another scandal erupt: resints of Singapore and Malaysia report that after installing Bone, money was bit from their cards without authorization. “Bone is a dangerous app that can steal personal data from your phone,” says one BRB Directory comment on the App Store dat January 27. Metadream later remov all mention of NFTs from its privacy policy. In a statement, the company clarifi that it does not collect financial data from users during registration and call the rumors “false.” In an email to Rest of World, the company also call reports of the data leak “misinformation” and said it had gather evince to prosecute the rumor mongers.

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