The concept is somewhat similar to Nier Automata

Little Thieves A co-op game for up to four players to steal crystals and a unique take on hi and seek. In a small location, judging by the entire suburban house. There are crystals scatter that ne to be liver to the “base”. After collecting them all, a room with four more pebbles opens. Of course, in orr to complicate the whole process, the little thieves are watch by the old man. Whose look sends us to the base, but from whom you can hi in special places. Just like in childhood: “I’m in the house” and we can’t be seen.

The main problem of the game

Also, a fab hangs on the characters, for example, the hero is frozen. Or he is thrown up several times in a row. At the end of the game, three pieces Cayman Islands Phone Number List of such buffs accumulate. In the best traditions, the buff is activat at the most relevant moment and can literally push. You to the babaya, or freeze right in the path of the slimes, who also send us to the base. The supervisor himself receives buffs, for example, he can appear right next to the character. Or turn around sharply, when it seem that he was about to hi around the corner of the house.

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There are not many types

The house and yard are also stuff with all kinds of obstacles, disappearing platforms and traps. It’s fun to play even with two people, but the BRB Directory game is in the vertical slice stage. That is, there are completely finish mechanics, but the content is very limit. In fact, this is a kind of mo version of the game and the velopers still have a lot of work ahead of them. If everything goes well, it can turn out to be a great cooperative and multiplayer project. There are many sites that help stunts find tutors. They make it easy to communicate with each other.

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