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Focused Audience From Scratch Normally, to really understand what your potential customers’ interests are you need to do a lot of time consuming research to create an accurate buyer profile. This involves things like: lots of brainstorming, customer calls,, live chats, surveys, social media.

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Caluable activities to do, but we’re going to shortcut our way past all that for right now, if you don’t mind… Step – You Gotta Start Somewhere Most of you will Iran B2B List already have a general idea of your competition and the relevant Facebook pages in your industry. But, since I know nothing about.

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The Facebook search bar to help me find a relevant page to begin. Searching for FB Topic In the Facebook search bar I simply put “woodworking” and hit search. After results are loaded, I make sure to select “pages” at relevant AWB Directory and popular pages (pages with > , Likes). In this case I note down “Woodworking Enthusiasts” and “Woodworking for Mere Mortals.

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