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However, different sites have different additional features that can improve the experience. For example, a site may provide opportunities for classes, have a calendar for planning, additional study materials, or a helpful blog. Such functions not only help to organize the ucational process, but also improve the effectiveness of teachers’ work. In Ukraine, there are many sites that help to find individual teachers, but not all of them are equally convenient. We have select of the most popular and functional sites where you can find tutors for any subject. Kabanchik Prices for tutor services range from to , hryvnias per lesson, depending on experience and qualifications.

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Online service for finding private specialists to solve household and business problems. The section of tutors occupies a rather large share of them. Here you can find tutors for basic school subjects, teachers of foreign languages, music and even Chile Phone Number List driving instructors. The service is easy to use. You create an application for a tutoring service with a short description of the desir result and receive feback from specialists who are ready to help you with your goal. You yourself choose with whom you want to communicate, and communicate through the platform. The site has a convenient search. It is enough just to enter a keyword the subject for which a tutor.

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Is ne and you will immiately see the section to which it refers. When clicking, the site rirects immiately to the creation of an application in the corresponding section. BUKI Prices range from to , hryvnias per lesson, depending on the tutor’s experience BRB Directory and qualifications. You can find a tutor for any subject on this service. There are teachers of various languages, even such rare ones as Hindi or Latin, teachers of painting, graphics, sculpture, architecture, vocals, landscape design, marketing, playing musical instruments, etc. more than areas in total. A characteristic feature is ease of use, an intuitively understandable multilingual interface.

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