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Satellite Vanguard- Here it is worth noting that the idea of ​​converting solar energy into electricity was born back in the th century, but only in the s, solar cells took on a look similar to the modern one. But at the time, they were consider no more than a high-tech toy, because the amount of energy they receiv was not enough for a household supply. However, as mention above, in the space industry, the idea was not only appreciat, but also us for its intend purpose. Currently, solar batteries are us in everyday life, especially where there is no electricity.

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GPS GPS (Global Positioning System) is a navigation system that allows you to determine a person’s position almost anywhere on the planet, regardless of weather and other conditions. Active development of GPS began in the s and was conduct India Part Time Job Seekers Phone Number List under terrestrial conditions. But the idea of ​​creation came from space after the launch of the first artificial satellites. In , the Unit States was able to launch the Transit satellite system. Transit satellite system The development of satellite navigation did not stop there and gradually became more perfect.

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Now, GPS is actively us in geodesy, cellular communication, navigation, active recreation and more. Many modern gadgets, including mobile phones and wristwatches, have built-in GPS transmitters. On January , the authorities of the capital BRB Directory of South Korea open for users the Metaverse Seoul project, which was in the development stage for a long time. The audience met the metaverse with enthusiasm. We tell you what is interesting about it. Metaverse Seoul is a copy of Seoul in virtual space. To walk the streets of the digital city, users ne to register on the project website and create their avatar there.

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