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In addition, part of the tests is hidden in the “Service” menu. From it, you can get into the windows of testing the spe of reading and writing drives, tests of different levels of cache memory of the processor and the performance of the computing power of the GPGPU video card. In addition, monitor diagnostics is available from there – a series of tests that allows you to check your screen for image quality and “broken” pixels, as well as a system stability test. Running the latter will help check the computer for the stability of the computer components under load and detect their failures or overheating. In addition to AIDA64, its long-time competitor.

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SiSoftware Sandra can also be includ in the category of universal programs . Like AIDA, Sandra is able to output a huge amount of diverse information about your computer’s components and software. In addition, there are many built-in Rich People Phone Number List performance tests for various hardware, as well as generating reports. There is also an option to include equipment stress testing, but it is implement a little differently: here it takes place with the help of built-in evaluation tests, which must be specifi manually. In general, in terms of ease of use, there is some loss to the competitor, despite the wide capabilities of the software.

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Bing gets into memes

Informational The HWiNFO program can also tell you some information about your “iron” – although, compar to AIDA and Sandra, to a lesser extent. Reporting is support. But the key feature of the program is not this, but a separate window with BRB Directory sensors that allows you to observe the temperature, voltage and load indicators of all computer components and with the fixation of minimum, average and maximum values. With the help of the tool, you can monitor these values ​​​​during the workload to detect deviations of temperature and voltage from the maximum permissible.

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