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Hampton Hotels is famous for their % satisfaction guarantee, which they present with great pride. As we saw in the post about the “Big ” conversion mistakes, it’s easy to fall into the trap of being too vague with your call to action. Three elements of a kickass CTA: It conveys a compelling offer – Rather than have “Click here” as the button text, have the button answer the question “What will I get when I click.

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Pop out with sharply contrasting colours and white space around the button. A prominent location – When your visitor is ready to buy, they should see a CTA. Evernote’s call Cambodia B2B List to action has one clearly visible button with one clear clicking the button. This will easily get you started. For more information.

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About calls to action, remember to check

Out our post on the three big conversion killers! Takeaway A good CTA is a direct instruction on what to do now. You’ve carpet of streamlined sales copy. Now it’s time to CLOSE THE DEAL with a carefully crafted BUY-button. All You Need is Action! You now AWB Directory know the core elements that form a decent sales page.

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