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Many people have collections of old smartphones at home. That are out of use because they don’t know what to do with them. Now an Israeli company has come up with a solution: a vending machine. That allows consumers to recycle, sell or upgrade to an improv model. It aims to save energy, natural resources and environmental damage associat. With the extraction of minerals associat with the production of smartphones, as well as to ruce end-use e-waste. RE-Refurbish Smartphones Revolution, found in 2015, provides a universal machine. That is currently available in three stores in Tel Aviv and 14 in Europe – in Finland, Germany and Spain.

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The Israeli-made vending machine was present at the “Climate Solutions” conference and festival organiz. By Start Up Nation Central, the Jewish National Fund KKL-JNF and JNF. Canada, and the company Hulda Central Israel Forest. To Afghanistan Phone Number List use the machine, you ne to enter the serial number of the phone, so that the system can check whether it belongs. To you, whether it has not been stolen and whether it has been paid in full. After ticking a few boxes, you place your phone on a touch panel where an. AI system verifies the correctness of the claims you made about your phone and gives you a price.

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It is noteworthy that this figure can be much lower – half, and sometimes less than the one that can be sold on the secondary market. But it is certainly convenient. For example, the reporter’s iPhone 12 was pric at 1,090 shekels. For an additional BRB Directory NIS 2,010 ($600), it could be trad in for a new refurbish, fully test and unlock 128GB iPhone 12 Pro Max with a 12-month warranty. Smartphone Revolution vending machine at the Climate Solutions Conference and Festival in Hulda Forest, central Israel, October 26, 2022 The updat Smartphone Revolution machine at the Climate Solutions Conference and Festival in Hulda Forest, central Israel.

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