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It can also restore its original contours if plac in the appropriate shape. Where have we seen this before? Remember the robot T-1000 from “Terminator-2”, which could melt and change shape at will? The developers also kept this image in mind and present their work with a similar video. In it, a ten-millimeter robot is behind bars. It is heat to 35 degrees Celsius, due to which it melts and flows “freely”. Development prospects Scientists believe that one of the main fields of application of the robot is micine. It can be useful when you ne to quickly deliver micine to various organs, as well as remove foreign objects from the body.

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In addition, the robot can seep into hard-to-reach areas of broken circuits and restore them, acting simultaneously as a solder (this is a material for creating a connection) and a conductor. Cyberpunk is not only virtual reality, embd implants  and Greece Phone Number List ubiquitous digitization. One aspect of such a future is cybernetic prostheses. How things are going in this field now and what successes scientists have achiev – in our material. History of limb prosthetics The loss of any limb has been a common problem for thousands of years since mankind has been engag in almost constant warfare.

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That is why methods of prosthetics appear several thousand years before our era. The pioneers in this matter were the Egyptians. In Ancient Egypt, scientists discover some of the oldest prostheses. The structure consist of two anatomical wooden plates, which were connect to each other with a thread. As a rule, only wealthy Egyptians could afford BRB Directory such masterful work. Considerable success was achiev by the Romans, whose troops repeatly participat in hundrs of battles. Archaeologists were able to find prosthetic legs made of bronze. Such structures allow a person to move almost fully, but how comfortable they were remains a question.

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