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As well as workspace at the Google for Startups Campus in Warsaw. Below is the final group of companies that will receive support as part of the Google. Support Fund for startups in Ukraine in. Adwisely is an online tool for conducting digital advertising campaigns. That will help increase the income of clients. Birb is an application for renting apartments that allows. You to search for the best deals in the user’s favorite areas. Book Box is a library service for large companies that provides employees with access to books and any reading materials. Djook is a platform that allows musicians to sell rights to songs and raise funds for the further development of their career.

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Drug Cards — effective software for automatic monitoring of mical literature. Folderly is an artificial intelligence-bas platform that increases the efficiency of customer e-mail. Fuel Finance is a financial department in the cloud for startups. Gradual is an Macedonia Phone Number List online platform for sales professionals that allows them to develop their professional skills. Happy Monday connects job seekers with companies that might be a good fit for them. Jiffsy is a mobile marketplace for slow fashion brands that helps them increase sales. Kycaid is an online identity verification and compliance management system.

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How to lay the cable

Mama Plant a Tree is a digital service that allows users to plant a tree in one click. Mate Academy  IT courses adapt to the nes of people who want to start working in the field of technology. Mathema is an online math school for students from BRB Directory kindergarten to high school. Net Hunt is a customer relationship management system design for sales departments, integrat with Gmail and LinkIn. Numo is an app to support well-being and productivity for adults with ADHD.Orderry — takes local businesses offline to online to make them more competitive. People Force HR software for companies to manage employee performance.

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