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& Affiliate Marketing For E-commerce Success Stories Product Updates Developer Documentation Apps Library THRIVE SUITE INCLUDES Thrive bar to help Bolivia B2B List me find a relevant page to begin. Searching for FB Topic In the Facebook search bar I simply put “woodworking” and hit search. After results are loaded, I make sure to select “pages” at the top and then note down some relevant and popular pages.

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Note down “Woodworking Enthusiasts” and “Woodworking for Mere Mortals.” Note: If you can’t find a decent amount of pages with > , , scale it back and look for pages with > , likes. Step – Find Other Relevant Pages Now, after going to go to the “Woodworking Enthusiasts” page I want to find their unique Facebook Page ID. To do this,hit “View Page AWB Directory Source.” Find-Relevant-FB-Pages A new page.

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