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You’re creating trust between you and your reader. You’re not just another somebody trying to sell something. You empathize with your reader in your opening paragraph, and they empathize with your struggle. Takeaway After your opening paragraph, tell your reader about your personal struggle. It will help to develop a.

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Them. . Resolve Your Conflict Through Personal Conquest Gael Breton / Mark Webster: Authority Hacker When you’ve succeeded in capturing Saint Kitts and Nevis B2B List your readers frustrations with your opening paragraph and personal struggles, it’s time to offer a resolution. A resolution, which will lead into your product. But.

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Elling a product. You’re offering a resolution to the conflict in the story. The Authority Hacker-guys tell about their personal struggle with not finding good enough guidance for problems they constantly ran into. Their personal conquest, , is them choosing to tackle the information themselves and turn it into workable actionable guidance material. Because AWB Directory of that learning process, AH was able to provide the answers.

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