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Nathan Benaich, general partner of Air Street Capital. Highlight the following startups in the field of creative artificial intelligence. Description The tool allows you to it audio and video as if you were working in a text itor. The program converts speech into text and automatically removes parasitic words from it. In addition, if it detects that several words have been mispronounc, they can be replac. In the transcription, and the program will generate an audio fragment. Of the correct voice to correct the mistakes. Photo Room Photo Room is a photo studio bas on artificial intelligence. Which is locat in the phone.

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The user can take a picture of the object, remove its background, remove unwant details. Generate the user’s background according to the text template. Adjust the shadows and format the photo for publication on the Internet. All this in New Zealand Phone Number List one mobile application. Cradle Cradle is an AI-bas tool for protein researchers. The user can prict the 3D structure of the protein and generate several new sequences from a starting point using a set of optimiz parameters. Just as artificial intelligence is us to create images and videos, it is now being us in the development of therapeutic and industrial proteins, channeling this creative potential into the field of science.

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Choice of Balderton Capital This venture capital firm specializes in supporting technology startups bas in Europe. It previously invest in Depop (acquir by Etsy), Digital Surgery (acquir by Mtronic), and Beauty Pie, and recently invest in creative BRB Directory AI startups PhotoRoom and Levity. Balderton Capital analyst Sivesh Sukumar singl out such interesting projects in the field of creative artificial intelligence. Synthesia Synthesia, bas in London, allows users to create studio-quality video content using simple text scripts. Producing professional videos is difficult and expensive, and this is done only with a high return on investment and a free budget.

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