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However, Microsoft, as always, forgot about one important little thing: the system does not know how to switch light and dark modes automatically. Auto Dark Mode X corrects this shortcoming. With this app, the themes will change depending on the time of day. First, it helps save your eyes, and second, it just makes Windows 11 look better. Files In Windows 11, “Explorer” has been resign, but it is still far from ideal. Files is a third-party application that will be an excellent replacement for the standard file manager.

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The program looks more stylish and modern and boasts built-in tabs and a customizable sidebar. And the dark mode has a better look. The program is available for free on the official GitHub website. You can also buy it in the Microsoft Store if you Argentina Phone Number List want to support the developers. QuickLook macOS fans can’t live without Finder’s Quick View function: press the space bar and the contents of the select file will open before you without launching programs to it it. Very convenient to flip through your illustrations and layouts without opening bulky Photoshop and Illustrator.

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QuickLook adds a similar feature to Windows. Just select the desir file and press space bar. It is especially nice that the program is able to open Word documents – however, for this you will ne to install a special plugin from the developer’s BRB Directory website. Twinkle Tray Have you ever found it strange that you can control the volume through the system tray, but not the brightness? Twinkle Tray will right this injustice. After installing the app, you can change the brightness of your monitor directly from the notification area. And it will be possible to configure even several separate displays, if there are any. NanaZip Everyone knows the good old archiver 7-Zip.

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