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But he suggests his company and others will find ways to spe up those steps. “The pace of scientific progress is uneven,” Baker believes. “But right now we are at a stage that can be call a technological revolution.” Traditionally, at the end of the year, Google present the final ranking of Ukrainian Google users’ search queries. The ranking of queries of the year was bas on which search queries in various categories grew in popularity the most over the year. The “Purchase of the year” in Ukraine became a generator, besides, Ukrainians were interest in where to buy salt, bulletproof vest, “Russian ship” brand, as well as candles, Poverbank and Starlink.

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In , Ukrainian users were looking for an answer to the question of what swift, lend lease and state of emergency are. In addition, Ukrainians tri to find out what palyanitsa, bayraktar and blackout are. The complete list of requests of , the popularity Luxembourg Phone Number List of which has grown the most in Ukraine over the year, looks like this in the “Most popular requests” category, requests are list in the original language. Ukrainian entrepreneurs continue to demonstrate great motivation and dication even in the most difficult circumstances.

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According to a recent report , the total value of Ukrainian startups will triple in , and in just three years this figure has increas from billion to billion. Despite the ongoing war, the founders of these companies have proven their resilience by BRB Directory continuing to operate, support their customers and provide services to their users. In March, Google announc the creation of a $ million Google for Startups Ukraine Support Fund to support tech companies bas in Ukraine so they can continue to strengthen their community and lay the foundation for post-war recovery economy. In addition, the company offer Ukrainian startups the support of mentors, networking and technical support.

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