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As a result, in theory, such a design should allow mical professionals to monitor wound healing in real time, making adjustments to treatment if necessary. For example, if gangrene bacteria get into a burn wound, a smart bandage will be able to immiately warn doctors. At most, it could be programm to release antibiotics or other drugs to fight infection as ne. The new smart bandage will even be able to detect the presence of certain immune cells and help stimulate them into action. While the older armband models were also relatively bulky and connect to a computer with wires, this version transmits data wirelessly using a miniature circuit board and an energy-harvesting antenna.

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At the same time, the device does not depend on batteries, thinner and more durable. So far, the technology has only been test on mice. “Obviously, this is a kind of laboratory prototype research,” Jiang says. To use them in humans, researchers Qatar Phone Number List will ne to increase the size of the bandages and scale up production to meet demand. Before the development is complete, the team also hopes to add even more data-gathering features, such as pH and chemical sensors that pick up biomarkers associat with inflammation, Jiang said. There are also plans to apply machine learning algorithms to help sort through this data and make more accurate diagnoses.

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In general, technology has come a long way since the days of coarse linen bandages on wounds. And they will probably continue to improve. It’s no secret that the future of content marketing is video. Today, when so many people prefer TikTok over BRB Directory search engines and YouTube competes with television, plain text doesn’t work anymore. However, creating video content has never been so easy: artificial intelligence is capable of generating videos bas. The material contains an overview of the most popular generators with artificial intelligence and their features. Synthesia Best for: Content Marketing, YouTube, and Business.

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