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Hibernia Atlantic invest $ million in laying the Hibernia Express later renam EXA Express cable, which is five thousand kilometers long between New York and London. A round sum of billion dollars was invest by Google in the implementation of the Equiano highway project. Its length is thousand kilometers, and it connects Western Europe and South Africa. The cost of laying one kilometer of cable will vary depending on the complexity and length of the route. In addition to the cost of the cable itself, repeaters and splitters, the lion’s share of funds goes to the rental of cable layers. Who owns the cables? Submarine cables are usually own by private companies that commission their laying.

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In some cases, the cables are own by states. Some of the cables lying on the seab are own by such large companies as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. According to analysts, the share of participation of these companies in laying cables will only grow Georgia Phone Number List over the years. The owners of the cables are responsible for their maintenance, regular signal supply and operational efficiency. Prospects We will not talk about all the plann and laid highways, because there are many of them. Let’s stop at some interesting projects. EllaLink is preparing the Olisipo highway project, which will connect the north and south of Portugal.

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It is plann to lay km of cable, and the throughput is expect to be within. Petabytes per second Pbits. Another line in the pipeline is the JUNO Cable System between California and Japan. By , it is plann to lay , km of cable with a BRB Directory bandwidth of Tbits. December saw the end of Indie Cup Ukraine’ , a festival of independent games by Ukrainian authors, in which projects of various genres took part. The competition jury, which includ bloggers, streamers, journalists and developers, chose finalist projects. This article will talk about the finalists of Indie Cup Ukraine.

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