Creating trust between you

Feelings. When your reader is emotionally invested, it’ll be hard for them to let go. They are compelled to read on. Takeaway The function of an opening paragraph is to engage your reader. Show them you know exactly how they feel, and help them invest emotionally. . The Personal Struggle You Empathize With.

Jen Hansard & Jadah

Sellner: Simple Green Smoothies Selling with words is hard. That’s like trying to convince someone to fall in love based on logic. No, we fall in love because Bahrain B2B List someone’s true self makes us feel warm and bubbly inside. Similarly, to make your readers fall you, you must show your vulnerability. Your humanity. You’re a real person and you’re going through the same struggle as they are. Jen & Jadah.

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Share their frustrations of not having

Enough energy throughout the day. Who couldn’t relate to that? By showing that you’ve also gone through a similar conflict, you’reand your reader. You’re not just another somebody trying to sell something. You empathize with your reader in your opening paragraph, and they empathize with your struggle. Takeaway After your opening AWB Directory paragraph, tell your reader about your personal struggle. It will help to.

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