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Other companies simply state that “misuse” or “neglect of the rules of operation” will void the warranty, and as practice shows, mining falls under at least one of these categories. Another reason why video cards lose their warranty after mining is relat to their modification. Most manufacturers refuse the warranty if the case was open, and this is check very easily – with a regular sticker on the screw. If this sticker is damag or remov, the warranty is void, and since miners do not count on warranty service in any case, many of them disassemble the cards for modification or DIY repair.

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How to find out what the video card is after mining? “Cryptofarmers” usually manage to hide that the GPUs they sell were us in farms – very few openly write about this in their ads. Suspicion should arouse below-market GPUs sold without the Chinese Europe Phone Number List original box. However, the most obvious sign that the video card was us for mining is the seller. If a person display several graphics processors at once (especially if they are of the same model), then there is a high probability that this equipment is from a mining rig. Conclusion Buying us GPUs from mining farms at almost any price makes no sense.

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Not only are these GPUs probably on the brink of death, the chances of getting any warranty coverage are extremely slim, which means any repairs will be very expensive. In the worst case, the repair will be simply impossible, and you will have to buy BRB Directory another graphics processor. With all these risks, it is wiser to overpay and get a new video card. On July , after five months in the beta, the official release of Chrome OS Flex took place. old Windows and Mac PCs. In , Google bought the developer Cloud Ready.

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