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The Accrington project has been ma possible by recent velopments in print concrete. Which are load-bearing and perform well, yet cost-effective. “In the most general terms, you have a facility and a system for livering materials. You mix the concrete and load it into the head. It’s basically like a giant cake icing machine extruding concrete.” – explains Dr. Marchant van n Heever, civil engineer from Harcourt Technologies, which participates in the Building for Humanity project. A piece of metal, when you have to cut out most of it, which then goes to waste or recycling.

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But what really excites companies like Building for. Humanity and HTL are the potential savings and efficiencies offer by the new technology. Charter Street’s project budget is £6m, which is around 25% less than a similar build. The facility will be built B2B Email List from environmentally friendly materials. Mmostly recycl, and the work should take half as much time 101 working days instead of more than 12 months. “To be cost-competitive from the get-go is completely unheard of for an emerging technology,” says Justin Kinsella, an architect who found. One of the biggest and most immiate advantages of additive manufacturing is that you can print only what you ne. And this is strikingly different from processing.

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Harcourt 20 years ago and for whom this is his first 3D printing project. First scrib in science fiction in the 1950s, 3D printing became a reality BRB Directory in the 1980s. The basic principles remain unchang even today: the object is creat layer by layer from scratch. This is done by physically squeezing the material, as in the construction project in Accrington, or by using computer-controll laser beams that create layers by melting powrs of metal, plastic or other materials. However, in the early years, 3D printing was an expensive, slow and imprecise technology.

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