How to protect equipment from power surges

The company show the 45W Liquid Cooler device at the exhibition. Which is an external liquid cooling system suitable for almost any smartphone. And according to the company, the new product is capable of cooling the smartphone by as much as 20 C. Which will avoid throttling and, accordingly, the drop in FPS in games. The device is a box the size of a router or even slightly larger, inside which a radiator, pump and fan are plac. With the help of a rather long hose, a kind of water block is connect. To the radiator, which is attach to the smartphone using special elastic clips. The cooling intensity can be select on the cooler body.

How dangerous are power surges

The device starts to cool the smartphone immiately after connection. The temperature difference is felt immiately. Unfortunately, nothing is known yet about the price and dates of the start of sales. ZTE 3D tablet The Nubia Pad 3D tablet, which Special Database allows you to enjoy watching. 3D movies without special glasses, attract a lot of attention at the ZTE stand. It sounds like hello from the past – 10 years ago, or even more, there was a real boom in the popularity of 3D. When everyone was releasing 3D TVs, 3D smartphones and so on. Now the Nubia brand has decid to try to return the fad interest in technology.

Special Database

Uninterruptible power supply

The Nubia Pad 3D is ZTE’s first Android tablet with a 3D display that doesn’t require stereoscopic glasses. The novelty was develop in cooperation with the Leia company, which is engag in the development of 3D screen technologies BRB Directory and various services for them. The Nubia Pad 3D tablet is equipp with a 12.4-inch display with a special DLB layer with Leia 3D Lightfield mode. With preinstall software, you can convert 2D images including YouTube videos to 3D in real time. The device has two 8-megapixel front cameras with the function of tracking the user’s gaze, which are necessary to create a stereoscopic effect.

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