How to Get Numbers from Telegram

Read the entire article to understand its content, structure, and the numbers you need to extract. Take note of any headings or sections that contain relevant numerical information. Identify the headings or subheadings in the article. These will likely guide you to the sections containing the numbers you need.

Locate Numbers

For each heading or subheading, carefully read the corresponding section to locate the relevant numbers. Look for statistics, data, percentages, quantities, or any numerical information mentioned in the text. As you locate the numbers, jot them down along with their context. Include the heading or subheading under which you found the number. This will help maintain the structure and relevance of the information.


Write a concise summary of the article while incorporating the extracted numbers. Maintain the structure of the article by using the headings as section titles. Make sure to include the context of the numbers and their significance in the summary. If the article contains any citations or sources for the numbers, make sure to include those in your summary to maintain accuracy and credibility.

Here’s a hypothetical example of how your summary could look:

The article discusses the growing trend of e-commerce sales in the past year. According to recent data, online retail sales saw a 25% increase compared to the previous year. The supply chain faced significant challenges due to increased demand. Around 40% of companies reported delays in product deliveries, resulting in customer dissatisfaction. Small businesses were particularly affected. Over 60% reported a decrease in foot traffic to their physical stores, leading to a 15% decline in revenue.


In conclusion, the article highlights the substantial growth of e-commerce, with a 25% increase in online retail sales. However, challenges such as supply chain disruptions and the impact on small businesses are evident. The data also showcases the rapid adoption of digital payments, with a remarkable 150% increase in mobile payment transactions.

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