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As she contemplat her next move, Murati conclud that “massive technological progress” had a role to play in solving the world’s problems. And in 2018, she join OpenAI and began overseeing the implementation of DALL-E and ChatGPT. It supports public testing While Google mostly keeps its AI research under wraps, and the capabilities of China’s Baidu’s Ernie chatbot are still largely unknown, OpenAI products are widely available. Murati is a passionate supporter of product testing by the general public. “It is possible to achieve technological progress in a vacuum without contact with the real world. But then the question is, are you really moving in the right direction” she thinks.

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According to her, the creation of artificial general intelligence (AGI) exclusively within the framework of the laboratory may cause an even greater public shock when it does come out. Adapting the company’s large language models using reinforcement USA Student Phone Number List learning and human feback is the most effective way to solve AI problems and engage the public in the discussion. She advocates regulation of artificial intelligence The rapid introduction of artificial intelligence and the hype caus by it cause many fears. The arguments include references to.

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Skynet as well as more rational concerns for example, the possibility of using generative artificial intelligence to spread disinformation or programs harmful to certain groups of people. Murati doesn’t name specific use cases, but says BRB Directory bluntly that the industry nes regulation. “We have philosophers and ethicists at OpenAI, but I really think there are serious social issues that shouldn’t be in the hands of engineers alone,” she said last year. She mention it again earlier this month, saying: “This is a unique moment in time where we really have agency in how it shapes society. And it goes both ways: technology shapes us, and we shape it.

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