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But the younger Magic5 Lite is a classic representative of mid-range smartphones, somewhat less powerful than the Xiaomi 13 Lite describ above. Special attention should be paid to Magic Vs, the first Honor smartphone with a folding screen, which was present on the international market. True, it has an undeniable downside: it is bas on the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 platform, which is no longer the latest. But, on the other hand, everything works smoothly, and the stock of last year’s flagship Qualcomm chip is good. Although Honor did not raise prices like Xiaomi, it did not become modest either.

Still an important player

Magic5 and Magic5 Pro will go on sale in the second quarter of this year at a price of 900 and 1,200 euros, respectively. The younger Magic5 Lite has already been releas at a price of 380 euros. And the Magic Vs smartphone-book is valu at 1,600 euros, which is 100 euros cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. Finally, Honor introduc at Buy Bulk SMS Service MWC 2023 the industry’s first silicon-carbon battery, which has a 12.8% higher energy density compar to current lithium batteries. The trick is that it preserves the charge at low voltage better than traditional solutions. This is definitely a huge plus, because no one likes to wait for this smartphone to finally charge.

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Bing gets into memes

If the lithium battery is already practically discharg when its voltage drops to 3.5 volts, then the Honor battery retains 240% more charge at this voltage. Realme with the fastest charging While most manufacturers compete in smartphone BRB Directory performance or mobile photography, realme has chosen a different path this year: it is increasing its charging capacity. At its presentation, the Chinese manufacturer boast a lot about how it actively implements fast charging in smartphones of all price categories – more than 90% of new realme devices support charging with a power of 33 W and more.

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