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Bukla tri to avoid the traditional musical system. The engineer want the synthesizer to immerse the musician in another sound dimension. Partly because of this, his synthesizers did not become as popular – although they gain great recognition and are still being produc. In , the British engineer Peter Zinoviev, together with colleagues Tristram Carey and David Cockerell, gave life to the EMS VCS synthesizer. This compact monophonic synthesizer was very popular with musicians: it was us by Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, Aphex Twin, Jean-Michel Jarre and dozens of others . It did not have a keyboard and was us, as a rule, to create effects.

Management was quite simple

However, the idea of ​​a compact synthesizer justifi itself, and competitors could not ignore it. In , the Minimoog Model D – a simplifi Moog Modular – was releas. Finally, it was a portable synthesizer with a keyboard. Modules could not be connect Malta Phone Number List at will. Instead, any musician could quickly understand it and get a good sound in ten minutes. The dimensions were more reminiscent of modern synthesizers. Model D could be taken with you to a concert and even on tour, so the model became a hit. In the seventies, the Minimoog was even releas in the form of a “comb” – it can be hung on the shoulder like a guitar.

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Roland Jupiter and Sequential Circuits

Analog synthesizers at that time were mostly monophonic — they could only play one note at a time. Mellotron – the world’s first sampler, which gain popularity in the late sixties, could solve this problem. Samples of live instruments were record BRB Directory on magnetic tape. If a chord was press, tapes corresponding to the requir notes were play. But the buttons were insensitive to pressure, the tool was bulky and broke easily. Only in the late seventies appear the first truly polyphonic synthesizers Yamaha GS and CS-  Prophet In the latter, you could even save your presets. In addition, it us a microprocessor, a novelty of that time.

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