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Everything Thrive related under that one single menu item in wp-admin. However, that’s just the start. The bigger reason we created this Thrive Dashboard is because our goal is to provide you with an entire, cohesive suite of website. We envision a  you no longer need to create a fragile patchwork of dozens of plugins from as many different vendors, struggling with.

Compatibility issues and limited feature

Sets. Instead, we want to provide tools for all the major marketing tasks for your online business. And they won’t only be cross South Korea B2B List compatible, they will also talk to each other, so that you can apply intelligent actions in one tool based on things that happened in a different one. Like I said in the video, the.

b2b email list

Dashboard is only a first small step

In this direction. As we started building more tools and features for you, we realized that there’s a greater goal we need to work towards…Over the coming months, we’ll be extending this dashboard for To learn more about some of our changes, you can AWB Directory read about the new API integrations dashboard. Author Image by Shane Melaugh January.

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