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For every million smartphones recycl, 34 kg (75 lb) of gold can be produc, along with 350 kg (772 lb) of silver, 15 kg (33 lb) of palladium, and 16,000 kg (35,274 lb) of copper. Smartphones are made of 62 different metals that ne to be min. According to UNICEF , more than 40,000 children work in mines to extract cobalt, the main component of batteries for mobile phones and other electronic devices. PowerToys is a product of Microsoft. And this program has a large number of functions and makes working with the system much more convenient. For example, PowerToys can configure keyboard shortcuts on your system.

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Do you want to switch the keyboard layout through Caps Lock, and use the F5 — F8 buttons to control the music player? The program will allow you to do this. Or maybe you ne to temporarily disable sleep screen without going into settings? PowerToys Albania Phone Number List solves this problem with one click of the mouse. The program can automatically sort windows on the screen bas on what you’re busy with, rename files in bulk, show the contents of documents in a side window of Explorer, pin the desir programs on top of others, launch them through the macOS Spotlight-style search bar – in general, and do not list RoundTB.

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This app makes the ges of your taskbar round, which makes it look very stylish and futuristic. In addition, the program allows you to adjust the size of the taskbar and make it dynamically expandable, as in macOS. RoundTB can be download from BRB Directory the Microsoft app store. And don’t worry: the program does not change system files or affect performance. EarTrumpet Microsoft made a nice sound control panel in Windows 11, but it still lacks functionality. EarTrumpet, on the other hand, is a more advanc tool for changing the system volume, which allows you to control the sound of each running program.

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