From meme hero to Google killer

To convince the population that the state is not capable of protecting them. Such attacks attract the attention of the mia and society. However, in reality, slow and “silent” attacks aim at espionage are more dangerous. In particular, such attacks are carri out by the Invisi Mole group (Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Feration. Their main targets are high-ranking officials, diplomats and other professionals who have access to the most sensitive information. Since such “silent” attacks are more difficult to detect, they can have more critical consequences.

If you can see it you can seek it

The MWC exhibition has again become what it was before the pandemic: large-scale, bright and, most importantly, interesting. This year in Barcelona, ​​we were waiting for many novelties, both simply important and very unusual and even Job Function Email Database strange. Despite the fact that MWC 2023 gather many companies from all over the world, including such giants as Samsung, Dell, Qualcomm and Intel, the announcements of Chinese companies turn out to be the most interesting for the mass audience. We are talking about Xiaomi, Honor, realme and Tecno, which present their new flagship smartphones at MWC 2023. Dear global Xiaomi.

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Combining search methods

The company Xiaomi, one might say, open MWC 2023 by announcing on the “zero” day of the exhibition the international versions of the flagship smartphones Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro, which debut in China at the end of February, so everything was already known about them. Everyone was waiting for the announcement of the super-flagship BRB Directory Xiaomi 13 Ultra, but it did not happen. And the only new Xiaomi smartphone at MWC 2023 was the mid-range model Xiaomi 13 Lite. Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro are typical modern flagships: they are built on Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, equipp with high-quality OL displays and advanc cameras with Leica optics. As for Xiaomi 13 Lite, it is built on a mid-range platform.

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