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Krause House, who hides his identity under the nickname Commodore, promotes the idea of ​​managing the National Basketball Association (NBA) by fans. According to him, the DAO format is ideal for this. Commodore believes that sports fans should be able to vote for or against certain decisions in order to feel truly involv in the life of the league. Commodore also not that sports leagues’ engagement with fans today is limit to mailings and posts on Twitter, YouTube and TikTok, while fans want to be more involv. In an effort to change this, Krause House offers an NFT-bas community membership model. In fact, the token in this case serves as a ticket to the club.

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Also, with the help of NFTs, Krause House members can participate in voting on the organization of events or the purchase of equipment. Krause Hause community NFT tickets of various levels / Krause Hause Right now, Krause House is in Philippines Phone Number List negotiations to acquire its own team at the same time with several clubs that are part of the NBA. The community plans to expand the NFT membership system to the entire national basketball association. DAO is not the only Web 3.0 tool gaining momentum in the sports industry. Dirk Lueth, co-founder and CEO of metauniverse Upland, told Cointelegraph that sports leagues are actively looking for.

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Ways to build engagement with young fans and fans from faraway countries through virtual worlds. One of Upland’s latest collaborations was with FIFA. Together with the International Football Feration, the project manag to create a virtual copy of the BRB Directory stadium where the World Cup was held in Qatar. According to Lueth, after the championship, Upland was approach by many sports teams who want to introduce their fans to the concept of the metaverse. “Virtualization and gamification really enhance the fan experience. Fans have always worn the colors of their favorite teams – why shouldn’t they do the same, but digitally.

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