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The team believes that this will require machines that are as physically human-like. As possible, and as a first step on that path, they are tackling perhaps. The most difficult part of the human body to reproduce: our hands. In February, the startup present the 18th version of a synthetic hand. That had been under development for 8 years. As in a human hand, it has bones, tendons and muscles – even artificial ones. Degrees of mobility allow her to move surprisingly realistically. The bones are cast from carbon fiber, which the company says is very strong, but can be made cheaply.

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The rest of the hand is made of soft materials, including 37 muscles that are controll by a hydraulic system. Today, these muscles can withstand 650,000 cycles of expansion and contraction, and the fingers are strong enough to grip and Fax Lists hold a weight of up to. The price is most impressive: the cost of materials is only $2.8 thousand. Clone has rais more than $640,000 from investors, including Y Combinator co-founder Trevor Blackwell, and launch a crowdfunding campaign on February 25. The startup says.

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AI labs have already plac pre-orders for the humanoid arm – with version 20 schul to ship from 2023 – and is already developing the next body part: a humanoid torso. He will have a rigid spine, a movable neck, two hands with brushes and 124 muscles. The BRB Directory plan is to put it all on a ready-made mobile platform, and Clone says it already has 116 pre-orders, with customers ranging from bakeries to lawn care services. Clone is also working on an “adaptive brain” for its humanoids that will allow them to learn new tasks by watching people perform them on video. Last year, the company said it would allow bots to be retrain “in minutes,” with the ultimate goal being.

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