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Sublimation is one of the options for preserving food, when the finish dish is frozen and sent to a sublimator. There, the product is dri to such an extent that about – % of moisture remains in the food. Thus, the product loses its volume and weight and can be stor for a long time. It is believ that this method allows you to preserve nutrients and vitamins as much as possible. From the space sphere, sublimat products penetrat into other spheres, where it was necessary to provide autonomous food for workers. Now it is not a problem to find sublimates on sale.

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Many manufacturers offer first and second courses, fruits, vegetables, pet food and much more. Water and air purification The rather new-fangl technology of water purification, which is gaining momentum, by means of ionization was also initially Job Seekers Phone Numbers List us in space. Silver ion technology was necessary for cleaning filtration units from various bacteria and for softening water. In the late s, the Clearwater Enviro Technologies company became interest in the technology, bought a license and began manufacturing ionization equipment for swimming pools and plumbing. The device saturat water with silver ions, destroying bacteria.

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Later, the innovative chip was pick up by other manufacturers around the world, and now you can find many ionizers with different functions on sale. Akida Holdings also acquir a license, but for air purification using Airocide technology. The basis BRB Directory was the devices develop by NASA for space stations and shuttles when they tri to grow vegetation in space. So Akida develop a small device that, as the company assures, cleans the air of all bacteria, fungi, viruses and odors. Infrar thermometers Non-contact pyrometers or infrar thermometers began to appear en masse in the middle of the th century.

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