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The main character is a kind of Nameless One who doesn’t remember anything about himself. But there are hints that he did something beyond terrible before the events of the game. And now his task is to find himself anew, while simultaneously trying to come to remption. In Planescape: Torment, everything is mainly bas on conversations, the role of battles in the game is ruc to a minimum. This approach, by the way, inspir the developers of Disco Elysium. Also, Planescape: Torment is distinguish by a huge space for role-playing, extravagant companions and a constant feeling of touching something unique.

Tides of Numen Era

After all, there were no decent analogues of the game except for the controversial Torment. The game works great on smartphones, but be prepar for a lot of small text and icons. So the bigger the screen you have, the more comfortable the Norway Phone Number List passage will be. IOS | Android Star Another classic RPG, only more modern and bas on the Star Wars universe. Moreover, this is one of the best games in the franchise, which manag to bring interest. To the period of the Old Republic to a mass level. In the world of Knights Of The Old Republic, the main threat is the Sith Revan and Malak.

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Wars Knights Of The Old Republic

The game starts with the attack on the ship of the latter. As a Republic soldier who eventually becomes a Ji, you must gather your team and explore different planets to stop the Sith. The game successfully combines the depth of an RPG from the s with BRB Directory relative accessibility for an audience unfamiliar with the rules of the D system. The game adheres to the canons of “Star Wars” very responsibly, and a large number of quests and characters will help you linger in the world of the Old Republic for dozens of hours. The game has been adapt very well for smartphones, the interface and controls feel great on small touch screens.

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