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Will we be swamped by a wave of Facebook videos then. At BUZZcenter. We believe that it is, and it is content in this form that. will contribute to the growth of user engagement. And will also rebuild the social media giant’s bad reputation after last year’s reduction in organic reach. As many advertisers have already tested, the video format generates a lot of interest. Whether it is a few seconds or even a few minutes. However, it is worth remembering about subtitles. Because these formats are often watched on mobile. In social media, not only Facebook puts a lot of emphasis on video.

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HBO Go VOD, and especially Netflix invest considerable sums in the development of new content. Netflix itself has announced another increase in investment. Only in , it provided the budget with a huge and impressive investment in film productions – as much as billion dollars, and these investments are expected to grow whatsapp mobile number list year by year. Content, The King The trend of producing and promoting video content has been with us in social media for some time now. Just like we had a “mobile year” for years, now we have a content year. No wonder  is constantly increasing.

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It is true that a large part of the production is the above-mentioned video, but the written word also returns to favor and enjoys unflagging success. Why? Because it is faster for the user to read a -page guide, . about setting up a Facebook fanpage, than learning by trial and error or reading long guides. There will also be a new trend in Content  Marketing, User Generated Content. It’s nothing more than user-generated content. He creates his own materials, which he publishes free of charge on Social Media, websites and blogs. It is worth following these users, especially the group that BRB Directory pretends to be influencers , and from time to time recommend or share the created content.

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