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Find Other Relevant Pages Now, after going to go to the “Woodworking Enthusiasts” page I want to find their unique Facebook Page ID. To the page and hit “View Page Source.” Find-Relevant-FB-Pages A new page will open with lots of code. Hit “” for the Mac users) and in the search.

Bar type pageidThe Facebook

Page ID will be the number following. number. Find FB page Id Facebook has updated, so now you need to search for “page id:” instead of “=” to get Indonesia B2B List the right number. Now, you’re going to u?from pageid=ID and paste the number you just found for “ID.

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In the URL above For Woodworking

Enthusiasts” the URL becomes: rompageid= Pages Similar To This will give you pages similar to “Woodworking Enthusiasts” like you see above. Again, note down relevant and popular pages and then pick a new page and do this process a few times to build a list of relevant and popular pages in your niche. After going through this process a few AWB Directory times, here’s the list of pages I’ve found: Woodworking Enthusiasts Woodworking for Mere Mortals.

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