Use Facebook to create a Lookalike

Audience I can use to serve relevant ads to If you’ve performed all of the steps you now have an extremely relevant and highly targeted audience for your industry. You can now save this audience (at the top of the audience insights page there is an option to save) so you don’t have to input all of these parameters again in the Facebook Ad Manager when you’re ready to create/publish your ads. This is.

Where The Opportunities Start to Get

VERY Interesting… Once you have some ads ready, you can apply this technique immediately to start sending relevant traffic to your website and start leveling up Laos B2B List your online business. Not only are you sending relevant cold traffic to your website—meaning more conversions—you’re also creating massive.

b2b email list

Opportunity for your business

Down the line when it comes to Facebook ads! out: Option : Continue To Hone In On Your Target Audience There’s two ways to do this: Rinse & Repeat — Create a new audience using different pages and parameters found using this technique or from the results from this first ad campaign. Create A Lookalike Audience — audience from all AWB Directory the new traffic to your website. Once you have the Lookalike.


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