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We will contact you Lobbying – methods of action Lobbying can be undertaken in many ways. The aim of lobbying is to establish relations between the pressure group and the decision-making state apparatus. It can therefore be said that it is a form of communication that is suppose to have an impact. There are two basic lobbying strategies: offensive, which assumes an attack, and defensive, use to maintain the status quo. The offensive strategy is use in situations where lobbyists do not want to allow the implementation of projects negatively affecting the interests of the group.

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In offensive lobbying, what counts is the ability to anticipate problems and skilful prevention. By adopting an attack strategy, he maintains and supports those projects that favor the interests of the group, and focuses his activities in particular whatsapp mobile number list on communication. This may be an appeal to public opinion or using the results of relate polls. Lobbying can also be divide due to the tactics adopte. In this case, we should talk about direct and indirect lobbying.

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The former is considere by many to be the most effective. Why? Because it is base on reaching the decision maker and providing him with the information necessary to make decisions. Direct lobbying is divide into: written – providing BRB Directory specialize information, statistical data, letters, e-mails, personal – meetings and talks with decision makers, public appearances, conferences, parties. Indirect lobbying seeks to shape public opinion and requires the involvement of third parties. The methods of operation tend to use environmental authorities, scientists or experts in a given field. Indirect lobbying techniques include image building, public mobilization and financial lobbying.

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