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At its core, Timeloop: Sink Again Beach is a first-person adventure quest that will take you about three hours to complete, or double that if you want to see an alternate ending to the story. Timeloop: Sink Again Beach is the only game from this list that has already been releas and can be purchas until January at a discount, only UAH . And as the icing on the cake, the game is fully voic in Ukrainian by professional actors. Hanako’s flower shop Hanako’s Flower Shop is a combination of a visual novel and a constructor in which you have to make bouquets.

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At most, the bouquet should meet the customer, or his nes, and for this it is necessary to carefully listen to the customer and analyze his request. Each flower has several meanings, and according to this principle, a bouquet should be collect bas Guatemala Phone Number List on the buyer’s request. Of course, no one forbids you to choose any flowers, but in this case, prepare for the corresponding consequences. Also, don’t forget to restock the store. It is cheaper to plant ses and grow them yourself, but in emergency cases, you can order the necessary flowers from the greenhouse, which of course will ruce the profit, but this way there is a greater chance of satisfying the client.

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So we also have the mechanics of a “farmer simulator”, in our case, a flower garden. Like most games, Hanako’s flower shop has a Ukrainian localization and is fully voic. Erra: Exordium Erra: Exordium is a D action adventure in a Dieselpunk BRB Directory setting. The game is very atmospheric, slow and difficult. First of all, the difficulty is achiev by an incribly small number of checkpoints, which only a lazy person did not say, but the developers have already promis to solve this issue. However, it was difficult to tear yourself away from the game, its enticing atmosphere engulfs you head on and does not let go until the final screen with the inscription “End of demo version.

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