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But Czinger makes parts for at least eight mainstream car brands – so far only Aston Martin is allow to disclose. 3D parts can be lighter, stronger and exhibit better aerodynamic properties. In addition, all these developments have advantages for the environment, because cars are more fuel efficient. “In the next five years, you will start to see it in everyday cars. And in the next 10 years, the technology will mostly replace casting, forming and stamping. Yes, yes, I fully believe that this is the future,” pricts Lucas Chinger.

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What does Top Gear’s own Jack Rix think about it? “Every car manufacturer is constantly looking to improve packaging, ruce weight, improve fuel economy, and find ways to make their cars of higher quality and for less money,” Ricks says. “Chinger Whatsapp Mobile Number List claims to have solv all these problems at once.” According to him, “It’s only a matter of time before all new cars have 3D print parts.” Space: production and saving of resources We once thought that 3D printing would save the world. Should we believe it now? In fact, there is more and more evidence that this time the hype is not exaggerat.

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Space exploration organizations already use additive processes to make rocket parts. But they also study the problems that will arise after landing on the moon or Mars: not all the necessary resources can be transport, so they have to find ways to BRB Directory build and provide food, using the direct energy of the sun and the materials they find on site. NASA is already funding one project to recycle the urine, feces, and breath of astronauts during long-duration journeys to produce food and 3D-printable plastics. Micine: implants and a new form of micine In addition, additive manufacturing will soon enter our livesand perhaps even extend them.

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