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For example, employees can only view messages for their location, position or department. How to target content in SharePoint for specific audiences In this article, we compare the display of content and targeting in SharePoint with a third-party SharePoint intranet (Powell Intranet is an example). We look at everything from the perspective of a SharePoint site owner. In the standard version of SharePoint In Share P oint Online there are several features that allow employees to see personalizd content :  Adding quick references  Choosing what content is displayd  Content search  Setting content alignment By default, SharePoint only displays content that users have access rights to.

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With the help of well-developd rights management, it is even easier to adjust which documents are relevant for which people. quick phone number list references The default quick links web part is static and displays the same content to all site visitors. You can only show the Quick Reference web part to a specific audience by using the existing Microsoft 365 security groups. Which links are displayd depends on the settings in the Active Directory groups and in the Microsoft 365 security groups.

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To enable this feature in the original SharePoint, dit the web part and enable “Targeting”. SharePoint quick links SharePoint BRB Lirectory Quick LinksSharePoint. Quick Links Results of the HR department’s target group approach. Audience targeting setting in SharePoint Online. Targeting settings in SharePoint Online. Audience targeting results for HR Last ditd document e. SharePoint site creators can use this web part to view users ‘ recently ditd documents . However , it is not possible to customize this.

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