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Sony Project Leonardo game controller Sony has brought the Project Leonardo controller for the PlayStation 5 gaming console to CES 2023. But this is no ordinary controller, but a unique device creat with the participation of game developers, industry experts and community members. Its main “feature” is a set of interchangeable components: analog joysticks, buttons of various shapes and sizes. All this makes Project Leonardo not so much a controller as a designer, which allows you to assemble a controller that is convenient for you. In addition, the gadget is compatible with devices from other manufacturers thanks.

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To four mm ports and can be us in the company both with the second Project Leonardo and with the usual DualSense gamepad. The only question is when to wait for his appearance. So far, Sony is only talking about active work on the project. A device for Mexico Phone Number List monitoring pressure without a cuff We did not forget about CES 2023 and about those who monitor their health. There is already a huge amount of electronics on the market that can measure blood pressure without a bulky cuff. But the vast majority of them are not particularly accurate. The recent development of Valencell is a compact device that uses the principle.

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Of phot plethysmography to measure the structure of blood flow. The receiv information is analyz by a special algorithm and compar with the user’s age, weight, gender and height. Well, as a result, we get quite accurate data on diastolic and BRB Directory systolic pressure. And the accuracy, it seems, is actually very high — the device is currently awaiting approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The start of its sales is plann for the end of the year, and the price of the gadget is expect to be 99 dollars. Cute robot KEYi Loona The new development from the company Keyi.

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