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The era of microchips In , Yamaha releas the first DX digital synthesizer on microchips. In essence, microchips are thousands of transistors in one package. Thanks to them, the DX had polyphony of up to notes, had a set of presets on board with the ability to save your own, and allow them to be record on cartridges. At the same time, it weigh many times lighter than competitors and sound much more realistic. It is not surprising that it immiately became a hit and defin the sound of the entire decade. The main innovation in DX was the FM synthesis develop by Professor John Channing back in the sixties.

Its sound can be control by changing

Unlike subtractive synthesis, where excess is remov from the original wave, FM synthesis creates one basic wave, which is influenc by the second, modulation wave. Hence the name: Frequency Modulation, frequency modulation synthesis. The result Morocco Phone Number List of the interaction of two waves is a new wave of a more complex shape. The frequencies of the initial waves and the strength of their interaction. All this allows you to create more realistic instruments including drums, cymbals and percussion. It’s the FM synth and DX that make the eighties sound like a soundtrack from an old toy, and the sixteen-beat instruments inevitably evoke nostalgia for that era.

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Atmospheres and Soundtracks

At the same time, the synthesizer allows you to create analog-sounding alien landscapes. This, for example, was demonstrat by Brian Eno in the album Apollo. The musician lov the DX synthesizer so much that he shar his presets with the BRB Directory public through print magazines. Other important instruments were Roland’s TR- drum machine releas in and the TB- bass synth releas a year later. They were not successful at the start, but became incribly popular in the second half of the decade. So much so that they defin the sound of trance, hip-hop and techno for years to come.

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