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Google releas the Chrome OS Flex OS — a second life for old PCs and Macs, and it was thanks to this deal that Chrome OS Flex appear. It is also telling that Google launch Chrome OS Flex less than a year after the release of Windows – due to excessively strict system requirements for hardware and poor communication, millions of older PCs were left without an up-to-date OS. And Google did this after Microsoft fail with a lightweight version of Windows with the X console, which was eventually cancel and disassembl.

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Chrome OS Flex has been in early access since February, and now a stable build has been releas, intend for a wide range of users. During testing, Chrome OS Flex developers fix different bugs. Google assures that Chrome OS Flex can be install in a Business Owner Phone Numbers List matter of minutes and promises that the OS can work normally on devices of a respectable age (up to years). In fact, almost devices have already been certifi to work with Flex without any problems. The official list of support devices is dominat by Windows PCs from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, LG, Toshiba and other OEMs, but it also includes some older Macs, including -year-old MacBook models.

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To install the OS, you ne to download the image from the official website and transfer it to a bootable USB flash drive. Google guarantees Flex will BRB Directory be support until on most compatible devices, with only a handful of devices dropping support in or . “We’re working on certification every day, and even if your device isn’t certifi yet, you can still try Chrome OS Flex” — Thomas Riddle, Director of Product, Business and ucation at Google Minor bugs, stability or loading issues may occur on devices that are not officially support.

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